Consorci per al Desenvolupament del Baix Ebre i Montsià

The territory

Consorci per al Desenvolupament del Baix Ebre i Montsià works along the most Southern regions with a privileged position as a junction between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon; and between two dynamic communication axis: the Mediterranean axis and the river Ebre Corridor.

In landscape terms, the region has two differentiated areas. The mountains range, where 
Els Ports, Montsià range and Cardó stand out; the inland and coastal plains; and finally the riverbank and the Delta; all of them configured by one of the most characteristic elements of both regions: Ebre river, which has played a decisive role in the economic and human shaping of both regions. This landscape has been recently recognised as a Biosphere Reserve, together with Terra Alta and Ribera d’Ebre; and it is protected by different figures, the most relevant ones are: Ebre Delta Natural Park and Els Ports Natural Park.

The territory is also characterized by demographic disparities; mainly through the inland part, especially between the mountainous area, with smaller villages and less population; and the plains and the coastal areas, which have more population and contain most of the economic and productive activities, and communication axis.

Primary sector of economy is the sector that stands out in the economy of these regions, especially the cultivation of rice in Delta area; dry land cultivation in inland area, with a predominance of olive trees; and also irrigable land cultivation where citrus and vegetables are highlighted. Fishing activity is also relevant, together with industry, which is quite diversified: it has some subsectors such as food industry, building materials, chemistry and furniture. Finally, services and tourism sectors have a leading role, specially developed along the coastal area, but also with great potential in mountainous areas and in Delta.

The strategy

The strategy proposed from the Consortium is based on a set of strategic lines which have the socioeconomic development of the territory as their basis, by taking an innovative economic and social model based on knowledge, social cohesion and territorial balance. This model wants to generate added value and ensure the allocation of resources with the purpose of getting a higher level in economic progress, and in quality of life. The premises to guarantee these objectives must be the followings: respect for the environment, ecology, sustainability, education, culture, cohabitation, solidarity, social equity, equal opportunities and services for people.

In this way, and in order to promote this territorial model, an action plan with six strategic lines is proposed. Firstly, Consortium is definitely willing to contribute to the boost the Biosphere Reserve, as a tool of rural development. Secondly, it is willing to enhance the social cohesion through employment and talent promotion; the professionalization of human capital through training and innovation; the improvement of the organisations’ social sphere, the promotion of entrepreneurship and work placement. On the other hand, Consortium is also willing to work in order to preserve the natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage and its value as an economic incentive. The fourth line is consisting in the promotion of both strategic and innovative sectors; specially in the agrifood and touristic industries and other strategic sectors that generate economic dynamism and new business niches. More specifically, an improvement in the economic management of the companies belonging to these industries is suggested; as well as the promotion of innovative business management at technological level, corporate image, communication, marketing and ICT; and, finally, the improvement of training and technology and knowledge transfer. The fifth point is related to the boost of environmental sustainability with the promotion of green economy. It includes the enhancement of energy efficiency, reduction of carbon trace, improvement of natural resources management, reduction of environmental impacts, and the search for applications of alternative energies. Finally, as the sixth and last line, Consortium wants to boost the territorial cooperation and cohesion, through the cooperation between entities from the territory and out of it; who work for the animation of the territory and the creation of a working network, and who bet for a balanced development of the region.

Cooperation interests
  • Entrepreneurship, employment, sustainable corporate management and cooperative work and Coworking
  • Promotion of high quality agrifood products, with special impact in rice, olive oil, citrus and carob beans sectors
  • Retention of talent and youth employment
  • Recovery of the cultural and immaterial heritage
  • Energy saving and use of renewable energies, especially biomass
  • Sustainable tourism in protected areas and sports tourism
  • Cooperation with other Biosphere Reserves as a tool for the territory cross-cutting development 

See the Summary of the LAG's Local Development Strategy

Consorci per al Desenvolupament del Baix Ebre i Montsià

Barcelona, 152

Tortosa 43500


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Camp d’Oliveres. Mas de Barberans. Montsià (Consorci per al Desenvolupament del Baix Ebre i Montsià) Collita de clementines. Bítem, Baix Ebre (Consorci per al Desenvolupament del Baix Ebre i Montsià) Camp d’arròs segat. Deltebre, Baix Ebre (Consorci per al Desenvolupament del Baix Ebre i Montsià)



Population Density:


Baix Ebre: l’Aldea, Aldover, Alfara de Carles, l’Ametlla de Mar, l’Ampolla, Benifallet, Camarles, Deltebre, Paüls, el Perelló, Roquetes, Tivenys, Tortosa i Xerta.

Montsià: Alcanar, Amposta, Freginals, la Galera, Godall, Mas de Barberans, Masdenverge, Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Sant Jaume d’Enveja, Santa Bàrbara, la Sénia i Ulldecona. 

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