Consorci Intercomarcal d’Iniciatives Socioeconòmiques Ribera d’Ebre – Terra Alta

The territory

Consorci Intercomarcal d’Iniciatives Socioeconòmiques Ribera d’Ebre-Terra Alta works in the regions of Ribera d’Ebre and Terra Alta, located in the Southern part of Catalonia, within the bigger region of Terres de l’Ebre. It consists in a homogenous region regarding its developing possibilities, its socioeconomic situation, and because it has large protected and natural interest areas.

Both regions display similar difficulties, and since some time ago, they have been working together in the development of common products in different fields, such as the tourist assets.

More than the half of the land is forest and it is mainly covered by bushes, clear Aleppo pine forest and barren land. Some agrarian cultivations stand out, such as the olive tree single- crops, the sweet fruit trees, and the agroforestry mosaics with vineyards.

The importance of economic sectors is different in the two regions. While in Ribera d’Ebre the energy industry predominates far over the other sectors and it confers a distinguishing feature regarding other Catalan regions; in Terra Alta the main sectors are the services and agrarian industry.

Generally, they are rural areas, with few population, in regression nowadays, and with a high ageing index. Moreover, the distance from the main communication axes contributes to the geographic isolation, and it makes it difficult the mobility to consumption centres and services and knowledge suppliers.

The strategy

The strategy of the Consortium is based on the increase of the employment opportunities in the region, under the premise of a sustainable rural development, based on innovation, entrepreneur spirit, diversification of economy and governance.

In order to reach this goal, a set of action lines has been established. Firstly, talent, entrepreneurship and equal opportunities are promoted. In this sphere, emphasis will be put on youth, women and the ones over 45-year-old; on the attraction of qualified people; and on the promotion of the professionalising training, among others.

As a second point, and with the intention of encouraging the economic activity, business and employment, Consortium purposes support the processing and commercialisation of local products and services in agrifood, industrial and tourist sectors. It will also be necessary to prioritize those companies that promote technological innovation, business management, use of local resources and intercompanies cooperation.

Thirdly, Consortium wants to have an impact on the enhancement of the heritage and the natural environment and on the mitigation of the climate change. Therefore, Consortium will give support to initiatives that promote energy efficiency and to activities addressed to the preservation and improvement of natural and cultural heritage.

Finally, the Consortium is willing to guarantee the governance, social cohesion and territorial balance. Thus, citizen participation will be promoted together with the socioeconomic agents of the region, for the implementation and monitoring of its rural development strategy.

Cooperation interests
  • Boosting Coworking and teleworking, through the ICT– continuity of the cooperation project #cowocatrural
  • Promotion of the entrepreneurship
  • Improvement of the business management
  • Retention and attraction of qualified professionals in the region
  • Promotion, elaboration, processing and commercialisation of local products and services
  • Promotion of the energy saving and efficiency, use of renewable energies and reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • Preservation and improvement of the natural and cultural heritage
  • Children and youth awareness of the values in the region (sustainability, heritage, innovation, etc.) 

See the Summary of the LAG's Local Development Strategy

Seu de la Ribera d’Ebre

Pl. Sant Roc, 2

Móra d’Ebre 43740


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Seu de la Terra Alta

Av. Catalunya, 31

Gandesa 43780


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Camps de vinya (Consorci Intercomarcal d'Iniciatives Socioeconòmiques) Muntanya de Santa Bàrbara - Horta de Sant Joan (Consorci Intercomarcal d'Iniciatives Socioeconòmiques) Pas de barca Riu Ebre - Miravet (Consorci Intercomarcal d'Iniciatives Socioeconòmiques)



Population Density:


Ribera d’Ebre: Ascó, Benissanet, Flix, Garcia, Ginestar, Miravet, Móra d’Ebre, Móra la Nova, la Palma d’Ebre, Rasquera, Riba-roja d’Ebre, Tivissa, la Torre de l’Espanyol i Vinebre.

Terra Alta: Arnes, Batea, Bot, Caseres, Corbera d’Ebre, la Fatarella, Gandesa, Horta de Sant Joan, el Pinell de Brai, la Pobla de Massaluca, Prat de Comte i Vilalba dels Arcs. 

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